Cleaning and Care


At Just Sheepskin we want to make sure your feet never go cold and to help we have a range of delivery options to suit all.

To guarantee a long life for your Just Sheepskin product follow ou recommendations below


Our Recommendations

To clean our sheepskin boots and sheepskin slippers by hand we recommend the following:

- Hand wash our footwear after dipping the whole product in cold water (DO NOT machine wash).

- Apply a small amount of wool detergent using a clean sponge.

- Then rinse the footwear again in cold water.

- Our footwear must be dried NATURALLY ie: DO NOT dry using any artificial heat DO NOT dry in direct sunlight.

See our range of cleaning products here.


A Professional Clean

Sometimes a more professional clean is needed and to do this we recommend Johnsons the Cleaners, a UK wide dry cleaners you can find your nearest store here.


The brand of Just Sheepskin Ltd was established in 2002 with the objective of sharing the unique sense of comfort that sheepskin offers. We are now amongst the leading brands of sheepskin footwear in the United Kingdom.