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Avoid Just Sheepskin Counterfeits


At Just Sheepskin we aim for the perfect sheepskin slippers and boots, but beware - people try to copy our name and style, but they can't copy our quality.


What is a Counterfeiting?


Counterfeit consumer goods are, by definition, goods infringing the rights of a trade mark holder (a) by displaying a trade mark which is either identical to a protected trade mark or (b) by using an identification mark which "cannot be distinguished in its essential aspects from such trade mark”. The spread of counterfeit goods has become global in recent years. A counterfeit product is a fake or imitation made with the intention of tricking you into believing it is genuine. We are committed to protecting you from counterfeit products that are being sold as genuine Just Sheepskin® products.


How can counterfeit Just Sheepskin products be sold on-line?


When shopping on-line for Just Sheepskin® products, you may already have seen some of the counterfeits on the market with retailers promoting fake Just Sheepskin products using wording such as "cheap sheepskin" and “Just Sheepskin on sale here”. You may also have seen websites calling themselves "Just Sheepskin Suppliers" or making subtle amendments to our company name, for example “Just Sheepskins”. Simply adding an “s” to our name can take you to fraudulent sites. The Just Sheepskin brand name or our product names may even feature within these sites.


One thing is certain - these illegal sites are intentionally trying to fool you into buying counterfeit Just Sheepskin products. Don’t Fall Into Their Trap.


We do sell via sites such as Amazon and, but we don't sell on eBay or any auction sites. These sites can, however, also be used to sell counterfeit products. The security features we have in place on genuine Just sheepskin products mean they can always be identified by our team.


If you are shopping on-line for Just Sheepskin products, we recommend purchasing from or from a large department store stockist.


Street wise


There are many counterfeiters who host stalls at car boot sales and flea markets in the hope they won’t be suspected of selling fake Just Sheepskin products. Often these products look very real and may be difficult to spot. Again, our security measures exist to help authenticate products.



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